Adige: An Efficient Smart Water Network Based on Long-Range Wireless Technology


Outworn water distribution infrastructures require real-time monitoring and management of water pressure and flow, together with accurate leak detection and localization techniques. Smart water networks based on wireless sensors offer a huge potential in this domain, but their deployment and maintenance is often costly and labor-intensive. In this paper, we present Adige: an efficient smart water network architecture based on long-range wireless technology that improves the scalability and robustness of water distribution systems. We developed a sensor node prototype using a LoRa radio transceiver and used it to carry out a set of experiments showing the benefits of Adige’s approach. Our evaluation shows that, in contrast to previous approaches, the use of long-range wireless technology allows to significantly reduce energy consumption while covering large areas indoors, outdoors, and underground.

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Authors: Marco Cattani and Carlo Alberto Boano and David Steelbauer and Stefan Kaltenbacher and Markus Günther and Kay Römer and Daniela Fuchs-Hanusch and Martin Horn
Research groups: Institute for Technical Informatics, Institute of Urban Water Management and Landscape Water Engineering, Technical University of Graz
Conference: International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Water Networks (CySWater)
Date: April 2017